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Avoid Unwanted Grayish Color Results


Cause: Microblade needles are extra fine and can easily penetrate the skin deeper than needed, unintentionally reaching the lower part of the dermis layer of the skin. This can cause a….Read More

All new revamped Custom Cosmetic Colors!


Cosmetic Tattoo Artist from countries around the world are finding out “Custom Cosmetic Colors are pigments they can count on. Their clients are ecstatic with the results that keep color long after the usually fading time. These colors….Read More


Have you tried the Carbon based Premium Black? Reviews have been amazing!


Every women wants to outline their eyes so they sparkle. The pupil of the eye is black so a darker line that frames the eye is the perfect color. But also the real wish is that the eyeliner will not smear or wash off. So in order for a Permanent Makeup Artis….Read More