Wholesale Tattoo Cosmetics is #1 in cosmetic tattoo supplies, pigments, topical and educational material for the industry

We carry quality products and cosmetic tattoo supplies for the industry such as pigments Custom Cosmetic Colors and Rich Microblading Colors, removal, educational / training material / Manuals and books “The Art Of Microblading Manual” and “The Permanent Makeup Manual,” Topical anesthetics Feel Better Now and Tattoo Soothe. We aim to give the best service for our customers possible. Wholesale Tattoo Cosmetics appreciate your business and look forward to a great 2018 as your cosmetic tattoo supplier!!

Wholesale Tattoo Cosmetics, Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies

wholesale tattoo cosmetics cosmetic tattoo supplies rich microblade colors
Wholesale tattoo cosmetics, cosmetic tattoo supplies, custom cosmetic color
wholesale tattoo cosmetics, cosmetic tattoo supplies, the permanent makeup manual
wholesale tattoo cosmetics, cosmetic tattoo supplies, topical anesthetic, feel better now, tattoo soothe
wholesale tattoo cosmetics, cosmetic tattoo supplies
Wholesale Tattoo Cosmetics, Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies, the art of microblading, the permanent makeup manual


Wholesale Tattoo Cosmetics, Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies, The Art Of Microblading, The Permanent Makeup Manual

Start Microblading Today With The Proper Education. It’s The Key To Happy Clients! The Art Of Microblading Manual is now revamped!

Before performing a microblade procedure, it’s crucial to have the proper training by a reputable teacher at a school and relevant educational material. Being comfortable in the art of microblading is necessary to build a successful business. You’ll want your clients to tell their family, friends and co-workers how much they enjoy their natural eyebrows with natural looking hair strokes and that won’t wash off. The Art of Microblading Manual has been laid out to be part of the educational materials for schools, as well as beginners and advanced microblade artists. A major part of training is gathering relevant information that can be used as an everyday guide. Shortcuts in life don’t work! In any trade you need books or manuals that can also be reference guides. The Art of Microblading Manual is just that. Mastering the art of drawing simulated hair strokes, and perfecting how to implant color that will obtain excellent healing results is important which chapter 5 and 6 goes into important tips and details on each of those subjects. Also Marketing is the Key to success you will find chapter 8 going in to detail how internet marketing is the 20 century way of marketing your businesses.Read More

Wholesale Tattoo Cosmetics, Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies, Custom COsmetic Colors, Pigments

All new revamped Custom Cosmetic Colors!

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist from countries around the world are finding out that cosmetic tattoo supplies from wholesale tattoo cosmetics are a necessity for the industries and “Custom Cosmetic Colors are the pigments they can count on. Their clients are ecstatic with the long lasting results. These colors have been successfully used by some of the top Permanent Makeup Artists for over 25 years with beautiful outstanding results that last. We offer a complete full line of 37 colors that are the most fashionable colors requested by clients. Custom Cosmetic Colors are formulated with iron oxide. According to Dr. Zwerling; pigments, like iron oxide, rarely cause allergic reactions. “Iron oxide has been shown to be the safest pigment,” he says.Read More

Wholesale Tattoo Cosmetics, Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies, Custom COsmetic Colors, Pigments

Need Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies? Have you tried the Carbon based Premium Black? Reviews have been amazing!

Every women wants to outline their eyes so they sparkle. The pupil of the eye is black so a darker line that frames the eye is the perfect color. But also the real wish is that the eyeliner will not smear or wash off. So in order for a Permanent Makeup Artist to perform the perfect black eyeliner procedure, to accommodate these women that will look a vibrant black, they are turning to Custom Cosmetic Colors’ PREMIUM BLACK color that is carbon based. It’s a fabulous color used for eyeliner that has been mixed to help avoid turning blue. Premium Black will heal to a stunning black eyeliner with beautiful long last results. Carbon based pigments have a smaller molecule size then most pigments. Due to the ‘rubber bandiness’ of the skin around the eye, the carbon based pigment enters the skin much easier when it comes to the eyes. Read More